Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Have you seen the new liners for Crocs? They are so soft and comfortable. They come in all sorts of patterns and are made of fleece. They even come in organic sherpa. The bast part about them is that they are for all Crocs. They are made for the original beach (cayman) styles. They are not just made for the Mammoths. They are available on ebay and at www.tabajacks.com as well. They are definitely going to make Croc lovers happy!


Jackie said...

I have tried to purchase at this web site, the site is not "comleted", so you cant purchase anything. I sent an email to their info address andit was returned because it is full.
I would bet the site and the product has been abandoned.
Every mention of the product that I found was written by someone attached to the product.

Stephanie McIntosh said...

Tabajacks.com is no longer. Can't find replacement liners for my Crocs anywhere! I can not believe that Crocs does not sell them. Guess this is the first and last pair of Crocs I will purchase!

webdeb13 said...

Try chickenlady000 on ebay for Croc Socks or Etsy - several people sell croc socks - not the same as the original liners though :(

Cindy Dy said...

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Vanessa Green said...

You can buy the replacement liners on Ebay now - just search replacement croc liners.

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lee woo said...

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